Michelle Lee, Martial Arts Instructor

Krav Maga near Fenton

Michelle Lee

Welcome Michelle, she will be taking over the Tuesday/Thursday fitness classes!

We’ve extended sessions 5-6pm so you have more time to burn calories! 1f525.png1f4aa.png


“I am adamant about teaching my clients the best, most efficient ways to reach their fitness goals. 

My favorite part of training is seeing someone accomplish something they thought was impossible. I’m known to be a stickler for good form. I expect effort. 

I’m tough, but I like having a good time. I’m kind of like the cool mom who is super laid back, but you also don’t want to cross because she’ll whoop your butt... *insert friendly wave* 

Training styles include: weight lifting, high intensity cardio circuits with a CrossFit mix. Niche for building great legs and peaches! 1f351.png1f600.png

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Krav Maga near Fenton

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