Krista Gleiforst, Martial Arts Instructor

Krav Maga near Fenton

Krista Gleiforst

Krista joined XKM in the beginning of 2020, however, it was not her first experience with this type of training. In years prior, she attended several self-defense workshops and enjoyed taking cardio kickboxing. Initially joining for Krav Maga, she realized XKM offered a training program with more martial arts options and was instantly hooked. After joining XKM, Krista attended as many classes as she could, going nearly every day. Something you will hear around the gym is that it can become an addiction – the curriculum, the instructors, the other members - all contribute to a unique experience while providing you with valuable, applicable skills. In 2021, Krista became an apprentice instructor so she could share her love for Krav Maga with others. Krista says, “The staff, instructors, and members here are like one big family and I love being part of that. Helping others build up their confidence while learning real world self-defense skills is very rewarding.”

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