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Jess Townsend

Jess has always had a passion for sports and running. She graduated from Mizzou with a degree in Sports Management before working for the Tiger Woods Foundation on a PGA Tour golf tournament. While running always came easily for her, she still felt vulnerable and overall weak. After trying several different gyms and training programs, Jess stumbled across an ad for Xtreme Krav Maga. After the first class, she could already envision a future of feeling stronger and confident enough to defend herself in dangerous situations. 


After 4 months, Jess leveled up in the Krav Maga belt system and aspires to continue her training. When given the opportunity to teach others the skills she’s learned, Jess jumped at the opportunity. She enjoys coaching and training beginners, getting to see them progress to accomplish their goals, whatever they may be. Jess spends most of her free time at XKM.


Jess started training with XKM in 2020. She focused on her development as an instructor in Feb 2021 and passed her first instructor certification in Nov 2021, sparking a passion to train anyone who wants to learn.

Self-Defense is always the focus. Having survived multiple attacks throughout her life, Jess brings real-life experience to her classes.

"My focus is building that confidence so a woman, or man, can live in peace, knowing that their training will protect them. My confidence grew significantly after just a few classes at Xtreme Krav Maga.
I want to bring that comfort and confidence to every one that walks into my classroom."


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